UNESCO-World Heritage Day

“the tree and plant growth weaving in between the volumes of the buildings, opening and closing the view, ensures soothing contrast, loosens up and enlivens the schema, communicates between architecture and human being, and creates tensions and scale.” (Walter Gropius, 1930)

The houses for the Bauhaus masters built in 1925 – 1926 according to plans by Walter Gropius in a pine forest not far from the Bauhaus Building stand programmatically for the ideas of the Bauhaus movement: Their cubic volumes open up to the outdoors with generous windows, balconies, and terraces, and with their white-plastered walls they contrast with their surroundings, which were left largely natural. In this interplay, the exterior and the architecture are inseparably connected. This event shows how architecture and nature communicate here and what that means for the present maintenance and preservation of the houses and their grounds.

In addition, Gracious Hosts (Freundliche Gastgeber*innen) and Kerstin Flake. Unsteady Stages will open.

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has invited international artists to redesign the Master’s House Muche/Schlemmer in 2023. The jury chose Julia Miorin for the Muche House and Henrike Naumann, Jun Yang, Sol Calero, Anita Leisz, Kang Sunkoo and Steve Bishop for the Schlemmer House.

The artists explored the historically charged location and its chequered history on various levels. The focus was on the aspect of hospitality: people and objects are received, welcomed and brought together.

Kerstin Flake was artist in residence at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in 2022. She used the Masters’ Houses as a backdrop and stage for her photographic work. The photo series created on site is now on display at the Kandinsky House. Flake’s photographs suspend physics. Everyday objects and people float without function in seemingly surreal scenes. The staging of the photographs is meticulously planned. Nevertheless, they appear light and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Admission to the Masters’ Houses is free on both days. The free ticket is available online or at the box offices. On 2 June 2024, UNESCO World Heritage Day, admission to all historic Bauhaus buildings is free.


Day 1 : : Sat, 1 June 2024

11 am

Opening of “Gracious Hosts / Friendly Hosts”

House Muche/Schlemmer

Beteiligte Künstler*innen: Sol Calero, Steve Bishop, Sunkoo Kang, Anita Leisz, Julia Miorin, Henrike Naumann, Jun Yang

11 am

Opening of Kerstin Flake’s „Unsteady Stages“

House Kandinsky

Kerstin Flake was artist-in-residence at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in 2022. She used the Masters’ Houses as a backdrop and stage for her photographic work. The photo series created on site is now on display at the Kandinsky House.

12 – 5 pm

Hourly Guided Tours

Guided Tours through the houses and their gardens (“Gracious Hosts” and “Architecture and Outdoor Space”). The Tours start at 12 noon on the hour (last tour at 4 pm).

Free tickets for the guided tour of the “Gracious Hosts” presentation are available online and at Haus Gropius.

“Gracious Hosts” is only accessible as part of our guided tour programme.

Meeting points:
“Gracious Hosts” – in front of the Muche/Schlemmer Houses
“Architecture and Outdoor Space” – at Gropius House

12 – 4 pm

Children’s programme: DrawingKit

Gropius House, rear side

All visitors to the Masters’ Houses will be provided with the “ZeichenKit” free of charge on this day.

2 pm

Children’s programme: Reading from the children’s book “Who lives in white cubes?”

Gropius House, rear side

How did the Dessau Bauhaus teachers Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Walter Gropius actually live? Find out during this lively reading from the vivid children’s book with drawings by Kitty Kahane.

Day 2 : : Sun, 2 June 2024

12 – 5 pm

Hourly Guided Tours

The Guided Tour “Architecture and Outdoor Space” accompanies you through the gardens of the Masters’ Houses. From 12 noon, the tours take place every hour on the hour (last tour at 4 pm).

Free admission

Meeting point:
Gropius House

Catering at the Kiosk,
Ebertallee 59, 06846 Dessau