Cultural education means diversity: we invite you to discover and experience this diversity with us. Whether independently on site, in the digital space or in joint projects and events with us.

In Dessau, visitors can visit a large number of original Bauhaus buildings and the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Communicating these places, their architecture, their stories and current discourses is a central task. With our programmes and a variety of methods, we aim to cater to the different interests and needs of our visitors.

Here you will find various access options: Audio guides, materials for independent exploration such as the drawing kit or the discovery booklets on site, the digital mediation platform and information about the mobile mediation furniture in the various Bauhaus buildings.


“Bauhaus Focus” is the audio guide through the collection presentation at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and the historic Bauhaus Building. Via the free Bauhaus Dessau app, visitors have access to two highlight tours, which are also available in simple language, with audio description and, for the museum, also with videos in German sign language.

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The approx. 30-minute highlight tour at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau provides an insight into the permanent exhibition “Bauhaus as a Test Site. The Collection”, which, with over 1000 exhibits, focuses on the history of the Bauhaus in Dessau and the creation of the museum’s own Bauhaus collection.

Bauhaus Building

The approx. 35-minute highlight tour in the Bauhaus building provides an insight into the architecture and eventful history of the historic Bauhaus in Dessau through 17 selected stops. This tour offers a perfect opportunity to discover the Bauhaus Building in short stories.


The “DrawingKit” is aimed at all visitors to the Bauhaus buildings and the Bauhaus Museum Dessau who have the time and desire to engage artistically with the Bauhaus Dessau and its surroundings. Equipped with the kit and pencils, the special features of the architecture and objects can be explored independently. The drawing sheets provide tasks and graphic suggestions for the experimental exploration of space and objects. This allows visitors to sharpen their perception and familiarise themselves with what they see in a playful way.

The “DrawingKit” is available at the ticket office for EUR 2.00.

If you would like to use the “DrawingKit” in a larger group on site, please contact our Visitor Service in advance.

Discovery Booklets

With the discovery booklets, our younger visitors in particular can explore the Dessau Bauhaus Building and the Bauhaus Museum Dessau for themselves and gain age-appropriate and exciting insights into the history of the Bauhaus. In the booklets, users learn what is special about Bauhaus architecture and how the students learnt in the workshops, what is actually collected at the Bauhaus Dessau and exhibited in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Pictures and drawings bring the history to life. Small tasks invite you to find your own personal approach to the Bauhaus. Have fun observing, collecting, puzzling, colouring and discovering!

The booklets with the discovery tours are available on request at the cash desks
in the Bauhaus buildings and in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.

Available for the following buildings: Bauhaus Building, Masters’ Houses, Dessau-Törten Housing Estate, Bauhaus Museum Dessau

approx. 90 minutes

Mobile Educational Furniture

Collections of materials, hands-on exhibits and other visual aids have found a new home in the new educational furniture. The four individually designed trolleys bear the names of well-known Bauhauslers: GUNTA (Stözel), WALTER (Gropius), OSKAR (Schlemmer) and MARIANNE (Brandt). They were developed by the Curatorial Workshop Departement of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the designer Carlo Siegfried. In future, the four trolleys will be located in various rooms of the Bauhaus Building and in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, where they will be used by visitors and employees for a wide range of inclusive programmes in the spirit of a “Bauhaus for all”.

“bauhaus machen”

This digital mediation platform of the Bauhaus institutions in Weimar, Berlin and Dessau offers extensive working materials and exercise instructions for teachers and art educators – not only on the subject of Bauhaus, but also on overarching issues of art, architecture, design and society.