In order to enable as many people as possible to visit the Bauhaus Dessau, we are attempting to remove as many barriers as possible. However, in the case of the historic Bauhaus buildings, this can prove difficult, because they are subject to monument protection law. For example, there is no wheelchair access.

Before you arrive, please get in touch with us to ask what special arrangements can be made for your visit. There are many possibilities and tours that cater to a variety of groups, for example:

  • Audio tours and videos in sign language
  • Interactive stations with tactile information
  • Printed information – flyers and information booklets – on all Bauhaus buildings in seven languages (German, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese)
  • Text information in German and English throughout the exhibitions
  • Short information in simple language on the floor
  • Special guided tours by affected persons
  • Workshops can be adapted to various user groups
  • Services for people with acute sensitivity (e.g., a calm sensorial environment in the Bauhaus Museum)

Over time, we will be expanding and developing our services in collaboration with affected persons. Please write to us if you have any suggestions or would like to participate: