“I imagine how traditions and supposed ‘certainties’ were set in motion in the 1920s and new answers were sought. It must have been a very dynamic time in which hardly anything remained as it was previously known. It is similar today.” (Kerstin Flake, 2023)

Kerstin Flake’s series of photographs repeal the laws of physics. Everyday objects and people float uselessly in surreal scenes. The displays of the photographs are carefully planned and meticulously prepared. Nevertheless, they see easy and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Flake was an artist-in-residence in 2022. In that context she took photographs in the Muche | Schlemmer Masters’ Houses and used it as a backdrop and stage. The series of photographs taken there has been shown in the Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig ever since. In 2024, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is presenting the series in the Kandinsky Master’s House.