Naurath and Hahn Houses
Naurath and Hahn Houses

These two-storey houses, built for the clients Ernst Naurath and Albert Hahn in 1928, each consist of a cubic structure with a flat roof and a floor plan that is almost square.

The buildings

Richard Paulick’s two residential buildings at Kiefernweg 13 and 14 differ only in the orientation of the semi-circular extension and a few details. The Naurath House’s extension faces towards the garden, while that of the Hahn House looks out onto the street.

Very few changes have been made to the Hahn House over the course of time. The only elements that have been replaced are the original tubular steel balustrade on the balcony and the wooden fence. Inside, the basic character of the house has been preserved. Many of the original fittings can still be found in the house, such as the doors, door handles, and radiators.

The architect

Richard Paulick was an assistant in Walter Gropius’ private office at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1927 to 1928. After Gropius left Dessau, Paulick remained at the Bauhaus in order to complete the ongoing projects in his capacity as office manager. He then followed the former director to Berlin in June 1929. From the summer of 1930 onwards, Paulick ran his own architectural office in Berlin. He later became one of the most important architects and urban planners of the German Democratic Republic.