Friday Group: Innovations + Regulations

Based on an architectural project currently being realised for the Bauhaus Museum by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Spatial Stage, this Friday Group asks: How much innovation is (still) possible in the face of regulations, rules and standards?

In this project, functional and safety-related aspects meet conceptual and aesthetic aspects, mechanical engineering guidelines meet art and architecture. Against this backdrop, the Friday Group will discuss the legal leeway and exceptions for innovations and experiments. It will also ask who bears responsibility, whether responsibility should no longer be shared and how this might be realised.

The fact is that complex societies cannot be managed with just a few rules. Accordingly, there are many laws, regulations and bureaucratic structures. In recent decades, calls for deregulation, a reduction in bureaucracy and thus rules have increased. Some attempts have been made to limit bureaucracy, such as the “one in, one out” bureaucratic brake, or the Real-World Laboratory Act, which provides for exemptions for experiments and innovations. At the same time, calls for further regulations have increased. A paradox?

The Friday Group follows the Bauhaus Dessau tradition of actively addressing social challenges and getting involved.


6 pm

Welcome and Moderation

Heike Brückner, research associate, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

6:05 pm

The Spatial Stage in the Bauhaus Museum

// Introduction

Film by Dieter Edler

Presentation of the Spatial Stage project

Barbara Steiner, director, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

6:25 pm

Procurement law – principles and exceptions

// Impulse lecture

Alexander Neumann, procurement officer, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

What scope does public procurement law offer for deviating from the principles?

6:35 pm

How much innovation is still possible today? A description of the current situation and strategies for dealing with it

// Lecture

Bernd Hullmann, CEO, SMV Berlin

7:05 pm

Brewing beer in the museum

With Fabian Jäger-Gildemeister, home brewer, Dessau

7:15 pm

“Bureaucracyopoly”, “Crazy Bureaucracy” and “The Bureaucrat Game”

// Interaktive format

For self-experimentation: a playful approach to bureaucratic processes

Introduction to the rules: Tuan Do Duc


8 pm

Room for manoeuvre and exceptions for innovations and experiments: How can innovative projects succeed?

// Talk

Marta Doehler-Bezhadi, CEO, IBA Thüringen GmbH

Tobias Burdukat, Neulandgewinner network, social education worker for the “Dorf der Jugend” (Village of the Youth), in the former Spitzenfabrik Grimma, CEO of the “Between the Lines gGmbH”, teacher with special responsibilities at the Nuremberg Tech

Moderation: Heike Brückner

About opportunities that arise to test innovations for a limited period of time under the most realistic conditions possible, which come up against limits or unanswered questions in the general legal framework, and about action that challenges the legal framework.

8:20 pm

Who takes responsibility?

// Diskussion

Do we need a new division of responsibility between the state, society, citizens and companies? What could this look like?

Martha Doehler-Behzadi, Bernd Hullmann, Tobias Burdukat

Moderation: Barbara Steiner

Food and drinks

“Crooked vegetables”, “Mäuse-Ware” (vegetables nibbled by mice) and home-brewed bear by “Artemis Brewing”


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