Out of the Display Case: Experience Museum

A museum is more than its exhibits. But how can these exhibits not only be made visible, but also brought to life for a wide audience?

The education team at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has been working on various formats since the first conceptual phase of the permanent exhibition in order to make the exhibits and their stories more comprehensible using a variety of methods. From analogue and digital stationary hands-on stations to the extended auditory highlight tour in German and English simple language, with audio description or as videos in German sign language.

Anne Schneider, research assistant at the Curatorial Workshop, will present the various offers and possibilities. The new mobile educational furniture will also be presented for the first time.

Collections of materials, hands-on exhibits and other visual aids will find a new home in this unique furniture. Named after well-known Bauhaus artists such as GUNTA (Stölzel), WALTER (Gropius), OSKAR (Schlemmer) and MARIANNE (Brandt), they were developed by the curatorial workshop of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the designer Carlo Siegfried. Find out how these trolleys will be located in various rooms of the Bauhaus building and the Bauhaus Museum in the future and how they can be used by visitors and employees for more inclusive programmes in the spirit of a “Bauhaus for all”.