Open Workshop: Photo lab – Part IV

Salt prints are a photographic process from the early days of photography. Printing paper is coated with a salt solution and then with a silver nitrate solution. When the now light-sensitive paper is exposed to daylight, it changes colour to a rich brown. Salt prints make it very easy to create photograms, a photographic contact process that was also widely used at the Bauhaus. In the open workshop in May, we will get to know a simple variant of salt printing and then create our own photograms.

For young people and adults aged 14 and over.
Admission free

Workshop leaders:
Philipp Keidler / Halle (Saale)


Registration is unfortunately closed. But you are welcome to visit one of our other workshops.

On brown paper lie the shadowy negative imprints of a watch chain, flowers, haybut fruits and keys.
Konrad Püschel, photo composition (Flowers and watch chain), 1926/27
© Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (I 6893 F) / © (Püschel, Konrad) Community of heirs after Konrad Püschel / Image by Google

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