guest: MDR Music Summer 2024

In the Bauhaus Museum Dessau you can experience a colourful programme of modern classics from the founding phase of the Bauhaus, with an unusual ensemble.

Songs by Kurt Weill and Stefan Wolpe meet chamber music by Arnold Schönberg (150th birthday) and his contemporary Arvo Pärt. The evening also holds a number of sonic surprises in store, for example when trombone and cello meet as soloists and in duets. Members of the MDR orchestras once again demonstrate their innovative spirit paired with artistic mastery.


Works by Kurt Weill, Arnold Schönberg, Stefan Wolpe and others.


Lena Carina Bendzulla (alto)
Wolfram Stephan (violoncello)
Sebastian Krause (trombone)
Heiko Reintzsch (piano)


EURO 29.00/19.00
(pupil/student special EURO 6.00)