“Describe in one sentence: What is the Bauhaus?”

There is no simple answer to this question, although many journalists would like us to give them one. The Bauhaus is many things. It is an attraction, a Foundation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a museum, an events location, an education and research centre, an archive, and so much more. The Communications Department is where the diverse contents of the Foundation converge, to be communicated to the public through a wide variety of channels.

We pursue a dynamic, multi-dimensional approach, combining analogue and digital media to address the various target groups of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in as direct a way as possible.

In close collaboration with other departments, the Communications Department produces material such as programmes, posters, photographic material, and videos, with the aim of publicising projects, exhibitions, and events to a wide audience in an effective and successful way. It cultivates contacts with journalists and other opinion leaders, and proactively promotes the themes of the Foundation to international media representatives through public relations work. In cooperation with tourism partners, it uses targeted marketing campaigns to invite guests from all over the world to visit Dessau-Roßlau.

The department is also responsible for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s website and social media channels. The Foundation uses new media to facilitate modern forms of communication. We encourage people to visit the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Bauhaus buildings, and the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, and to engage with the history and heritage of the Bauhaus. Our aim is to build a bridge between the past, the present, and the future, thus contributing to the preservation and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Bauhaus.