“Snow and ice are melting, the landscape is drying out, silting up. All the ambitious sentences that could save us are also silting up because we didn't want to after all. Creepy shivers of fear chase across our skin as we look at what is considered our sad, toxic work on the earth. Lucidly painted climate crisis landscapes in colours that burn under the eyelids cannot solve man-made problems, but they at least inspire a kind of survival work on the planet.” (Anna Meyer, 2023 )

Anna Meyer, residency artist 2023, is showing new paintings and models in the former weaving mill under the title “Planet B Haus”. The dividing lines between nature and culture, environment and in-world are slipping, spatial and temporal boundaries are dissolving. They are replaced by floating, fluid identities and hybridisations of animals, humans, technoid beings, the animate and inanimate. Meyer combines feminist and ecological aspects in her work. In doing so, she visualises political, social, economic and cultural asymmetries and entanglements in equal measure. Bauhaus modernism and the Enlightenment, Dessau and the Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz merge into the present day, a visual axis through the ages.


Anna Meyer on her exhibition “Planet B House”, 2024