Workshop 1: Taking up the thread

Friday, 4 June 2021 – 6 p.m.

Workshop knowledge is post-disciplinary: it is body-bound, haptic, non-cognitive knowledge that enables thinking in making. From design projects and initiatives that engage in local cultures of making and European craft traditions as new forms of collective design to the “craft of translation” in performative and participatory design education programmes.

Host: Aleksandra Kedziorek (Poland)

Aleksandra Kedziorek, historian of art and architecture, curator and editor from Poland, has worked at the Museum of Architecture (Wroclaw) and the Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), among others. She has developed exhibitions, seminars and public programmes on modern and contemporary architecture in institutions such as La Loge (Brussels) and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. In June 2021, she will curate the Polish pavilion at the Design Biennale London. Projects and educational initiatives dealing with forms of design participation in communities in particular can benefit from her professional expertise in the field of design research.

Speakers: Fatima Az-Zahra Durkee, co-founder of Passao ao Futuro(Portugal)
Ewa Klekot, archaeologist & ethnologist(Poland)
Jola Starzak, architect & lecturer (Poland)
Maja Kolar, designer, architect & member of OAZA (Croatia)
Ivana Borovnjak, designer, curator & member of OAZA (Croatia)