Studio 3: Successful model Share Economy with Ton Matton and Alexander Römer

Studio 3: Successful model Share Economy

Gifts and barter have always played an important role in the history of mankind. This kind of re-use and extended use implies a resource-saving approach to goods, their maintenance and their valorisation, beyond the scope of personal ownership. "Don't just own it -- use it!" is the new central motto of the masters' houses community. Even this community, however, needs its instruments and objects, its corporate image.

'Oskar the interior decorator'

Week 1: Theoretical work, first concept ideas, improvisations on urbanity (Ton Matton)

Week 2: Implementation of the ideas, Prototypes, modells; (Alexander Römer)

Week 3: Get together the work in a built intelectual setting (Alexander Römer & Ton Matton)