Studio 2: The New Kommune with Folke Köbberling

Studio 2: The new kommune

Spaces and objects that are not shared simultaneously, but are jointly used and managed. This mainly concerns temporary events, places and things of encounter, of tangible and intangible exchange, of production, of hospitality and of movement or simply of rest.

Folke Köbberling will investigate together with the participants of the Bauhaussummer the space between the Masters’ Houses and the immediate surroundings in Dessau. Thereby, the co-relation and the hierarchical collocation of the Masters’ Houses with their gardens relative to the neighborly structures become the basis for design interventions and meetings. Books like Walden 2 by ethologist B. F. Skinner that deals with common utopian visions, such as the book “Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Die Trinkhalle, sein einziger Bau in Dessau”, and other theoretical texts will be read and discussed together.  From this can result deductions for collaborative producing as a bridge within the kommune of the Masters’ Houses and their relation to the outer kommune, the neighbors and the city. The community which can be seen in terms of content, but also sculptural and architectonical will be illustrated with the help of materials that originate from the immediate environment and had already a lifetime, and now are used again. The participants of the “New Kommune” will be reading, observing, performing, constructing, working, collecting, cooking, trying materials together and thereby will be confronting again and again the amenities and negotiations of the community.