Digitisation project launched:
"Schools of Departure"

Schools of Departure.
A digital atlas of Bauhaus pedagogy post-1933

With the project Schools of Departure, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is working on a digital atlas of Bauhaus pedagogy post-1933. This creates a digital locus that combines research into the global interrelationships of Bauhaus pedagogy with twentieth century plans to reform design education. Modern mapping techniques create a dynamic spatial visualisation of datasets on art and design schools in the post-Bauhaus era. This renders visible to the viewer how the Bauhaus pedagogy was reinterpreted and in which specific institutional forms and local or geopolitical contexts this occurred, evolving further as a result. 

Consequently, the project Schools of Departure. A digital atlas of Bauhaus pedagogy post-1933 enables the evolution of fresh narratives concerning the cultural impact of the Bauhaus as a pedagogical model. Instead of starting from the “influence” of the Bauhaus and the Bauhaus as a “centre” with movement to the non-European “periphery”, the digital atlas renders visible the many and diverse interconnections. In doing so, it proposes an interpretation of Bauhaus pedagogy as a heterogeneous, constantly changing combination of approaches to education, which contrasts with the idea of a self-contained Bauhaus teaching concept which was applied as a model in various schools.

The project is funded in part by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalisation of the state of Saxony-Anhalt in the framework of the digital agenda of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. More information here.

Project Manager
Katja Klaus

Research Associate
Philipp Sack