July 31: Roundtable discussion – Guests

Thursday, 2014-07-31

Roundtable discussion, Masters' House Muche/Schlemmer

5.00 pm: Roundtable

with Michael Erlhoff (Cologne), Stefan Schridde (Berlin) and Julia Amberger about the topics: “using rather than owning” / “new trends in shareconomy and design” / “plannend obsolescence”

Please find here more information about the guest at the roundtable:

Michael Erlhoff: Design expert, art historian and writer

Stefan Schridde: Initiator and chairman of  MURKS? NEIN DANKE! e.V.

- Julia Maria Amberger: taz, the daily newspaper

  • Born 1986 in Bad Kötzting 
  • Grown up in a little village in the bavarian forest 
  • There she has seen how important it is to share things – but also the obstacles each individual has to overcome
  • Studies in romance languages in Freiburg and journalism in Leipzig
  • Freelancer: taz, Chrismon and WDR/Monitor
  • Profile at taz.de: http://www.taz.de/!a128/