Perplexities on Mars

// Concert in the course of the Bauhaus Jazz Exploration
Sat, 5 Mar 2022, 7 pm
Bauhaus Museum Dessau

>> Ticket required

In the tradition of the jazz quartet with two saxophones but no harmony instrument, the four musicians of Perplexities on Mars interact at a high level, rooted in a common musical language and living from the tension between individual improvisations and energetic rhythms. The musicians consistently follow their musical intuition and take the audience on a journey into experimental, progressive jazz. Dynamically differentiated original compositions and planned improvisations form the basis of this imaginative music off the beaten track. With this, the musicians definitely want to irritate and provoke reflexive processes in the listeners.

The band founded in Leipzig – consisting of Maximilian Hirth, Christopher Kunz, Stephan Deller and Tom Friedrich – opened the 44th Leipziger Jazztage in 2020 and was the winner of the Jazz Nachwuchspreis of the city of Leipzig.

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