BASURAMA – artist and architects collective, Madrid – INTERVIEW

Interview with BASURAMA, July 2015: Nora Moschüring.

  • 1) In what kind of household are you living? And what is modern/contemporary about it?

In Basurama we all live in the same household: from one to three rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and trash. As anyone else the main product we manufacture is rubbish. As anyone else, we try to hide this product (our garbage) down the sink or outside the house. We separate the leftovers, keeping in mind the different materials, and we accommodate them in the corresponding container. After that we forget about it and we continue the process of consumption and cleanliness.

  • 2) Do you think that you are living in a healthy and economical way?

We live in Madrid and we don't think it is possible to live in a healthy and economical way in such a huge city.

  • 3) Your work is about waste, in the World Wide Web we produce in every second an huge amount of trash, but maybe, somewhere between there is a flash of genius. Aren't you afraid that we will lose something? That we won't see the importance of something?

A needle in a haystack!
In fact nothing is trash "per se", is not a property or a characteristic. Something becomes trash when someone decides that is no longer useful. But if any other sees a potential… the life of this object changes dramatically. Both digital and analogical worlds, are full of trash and surrounded by treasures. What makes them valuable or useless is the way we interact with them.

Imagine that we start thinking by ourselves instead of paying attention to what is trending topic or has 25.000 retweets or… leaving behind the prejudices and focusing on our real needs and desires. But there is too much noise…. isn't it?

  • 4) Are you sure, that we know the difference between waste and something valuable? Who in you opinion has the skill to decide it?

I am sure that we don't, but we are getting closer. We have great confidence in new generations.

About the experts: when we want to check if something is valuable or not, we focus our attention in how kids and grannies deal with it.

They have no prejudices and their goals are quite clear: meanwhile kids are obsessed at testing and discovering the world and figuring out how to play with everything (no matter if it is gift wrap or a hammer), grannies are the ones for who carework still means something, they concentrate their efforts in taking care of the whole family.

  • 5) There is a dump of ideas in your room, we see them physical on the floor. What will you do with it afterward? Do you want to analyze or to recycle it?

We try to create alive scenarios where unexpected can happen. In this case the experience looks amazing, the installation has been growing for the last months fulfilling the room with great ideas and nonsense tweets.

We can't wait to check what is being tweeted and how many liters, meters, grams, etc does these concepts take up.

  • Thank you.