Gropius House || Fictional:
Alexis Lowry, Hannes Bajohr and Rita Evans

Exhibition of the Bauhaus Residency

Alexis Lowry (Dia Art Foundation) with works by Charlotte Posenenske
and Hannes Bajohr
30 Sep 2021 – 10 Apr 2022

Exhibition of the Bauhaus Residency
Rita Evans
25 Nov – 26 June 2022

Gropius House
daily 10 am – 5 pm

In 2021, artists are yet again moving into the Masters’ Houses in Dessau to live and work for three months. Their work has a clear focal point: the Masters’ Houses’ present and history and the annual theme of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Exhibitions in the Gropius House will thus deal with infrastructure in unique ways.

The artists

Alexis Lowry, curator of the Dia Art Foundation, as a long-time connoisseur of the work of Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985), was invited to reactivate Posenenske's work as part of the Bauhaus residency program and for the exhibition space and garden of Haus Gropius. The active handling of the serially produced pieces by curators, collectors, and visitors was envisioned by the artist to exclude artistic subjectivity. Her late series made of cardboard and sheet metal are not only reminiscent of ventilation shafts in their form, they also gain an infrastructural character through the avoidance of artistic subjectivity. At larger temporal intervals, visitors will be invited to rearrange Charlotte Posenenske's pieces in space as part of the exhibition program.

As a writer, Hannes Bajohr works with the mobility of text. He uses digital and conceptual means to edit and rearrange his source materials, which range from literary sources to archive documents to social media posts. By treating text as material, he also reflects on the reality of a digital world where writing is not only a content but also the code that processes it. In some of his works, he consciously draws on modern lines of collage tradition, also further developed at the historical Bauhaus, which can be read today in the context of digital cut-and-paste methods.

Bajohr has researched historical documents relating to the Masters' Houses – such as inventories, cost statements, rental agreements and legal correspondence – in his residence in Dessau; he is interested in the archival level of the infrastructure. He has transformed this collected textual material through approbation and certain textual procedures (such as restructuring the textual material according to conjunctions) into posters with a serial character, which are posted outside the Masters' Houses, where they refer to the normally invisible historical background of the houses.

Rita Evans lives and works in the UK. For the artist with British-Canadian roots, space is a stage, for which she develops objects from ceramics, textiles, water, wood and metal that move at the intersection of sculpture, display and instrument. The musical performance lives from the communication between audience and collaborators who play the same instrument together. 

Her work has been shown internationally in Europe, the UK and Canada, and recently in institutions such as Tate and Towner in their International biennial. Rita has performed her work at Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, Archway Sound Symposium and Tate Britain in London.

In cooperation with the Literaturhaus Berlin and the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig.