Restoration Work

Dear visitors,

The Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses are almost 100 years old. Besides, they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Accordingly, the buildings must be permanently maintained and regularly renovated. Also at present, the Bauhaus Building and Masters’ Houses are being restored inside and outside. We try to keep the restrictions for visitors to a minimum. However, they cannot be completely avoided; but maybe you will see it as an opportunity: it is rare to see so vividly what it means to preserve a World Heritage Site.

Bauhaus Building


The Bauhaus Building has approx. 1,800 m² of stone-wood screed from the period of construction. These floors, which are now almost 100 years old, require renovation and subsequent maintenance in order to preserve this material for future generations. Especially cracks are visible to everybody. They visually disturb the homogeneity of the surface and can also lead to massive lasting damage to the material. Moisture can penetrate the screed and decompose its structure which can lead to considerable loss of material and thus substance. Now, after preparatory work, these cracks are filled with colour-matched material and thus sealed, so that further penetration of moisture and material destruction are prevented.
The first phase of renovation was completed in December 2021 in the corridors and some guest rooms of the studio building. The work will continue in the rooms of the Bauhaus Building in 2022. This will require the temporary closure of some sections of the Bauhaus Building.

Bauhaus lettering and plaster work

The plaster on the façade of the south staircase needs to be renovated. After the plaster has been chipped off, it will be reapplied. This is a special plaster: it contains mica components. The Bauhaus Building will then really shine in a special way.
The famous lettering on the Bauhaus Building is temporarily removed for the work.

Facade Monitoring

With the help of the scaffolding on the studio building, crack monitors were attached attached to the west facade in 2021. Over the course of one year, these monitors, in conjunction with weather data from the German Meteorological Service, will provide information about the relationship between climatic conditions and crack behaviour.
Similarly, a scaffolding structure on the inside of the curtain facade has been used since December 2021 to monitor the effects of climatic and weather conditions on the aluminium structure over the course of a year.


Currently, the steps and risers at the main entrance of the workshop wing are being renovated. Since temperatures above freezing are necessary for the mortar to set, the entrance was housed and heated accordingly.
Following this, the main entrance to the studio building will also be renovated. The terrazzo covers on the ramps will also be renovated or replaced if they are too badly damaged.


Depending on weather conditions, the scaffolding work required for the window renovation on the east side of the bridge is expected to start in March 2022. This is to be planned and built in such a way that passage for pedestrians and cyclists is possible without restrictions.

Masters’ Houses


Currently, the wooden windows and doors in the historic Masters’ Houses are being renovated. Due to weather-related influences, parts such as weatherboards and lower frames have to be replaced. The panes that are not from the period of construction are being replaced with so-called Opti-White glass, which is very similar in effect to the historic crystal mirror glass. The frames will also be repaired, repainted and corrected in colour. The results of the renovation can already be seen in the Feininger House, where the work has been completed.

>> Until further notice, only one half of the Kandinsky | Klee Master House can be visited.

Concrete Glaze

The facades of the New Masters’ Houses – Gropius House and Moholy-Nagy House – as well as the concrete wall enclosing the grounds will be cleaned this year and then given a new glaze.

>> From 19 to 27 April 2022, there will be restrictions on visitor traffic. Access to the Gropius House will therefore be via the terrace from 25 to 27 April 2022.