Hannes Bajohr
English exhibition texts


enclosure of the municipal property stresemannallee no. 1: the outside view of the enclosure of the property has been daubed with paint in large letters along its entire length for agitation purposes in view of the election. it is not possible to remove the paint, as the solvents used for the paint would also destroy the plaster. the daub has been made invisible for the time being by painting over the parts of the wall in question with glue paint. but that will last a year at most. perhaps the police will be advised to be particularly vigilant here during election times.


the municipality of dessau grants merchant adolf schnackenberg the right to open a drinking hall on the property at stresemannallee 1. the fee for the right to open the already existing 9 drinking halls is fixed at 100 rm per year per drinking hall. this fee will be reduced to 90 rm per drinking hall as of 1 July 1932. In all other respects, the provisions of the agreement of 6 september 1905 shall apply, with the proviso, however, that the city may terminate the agreement on 1 January 1942 at the earliest. the immediate right of termination to which the city is entitled shall remain unaffected. the magistrate.


the tenant waives the right to terminate the contract prematurely if permission to sublet is refused. the tenant acknowledges that the rented property has been handed over to him in a condition suitable for use in accordance with the contract. the tenant shall keep all interior rooms of the house in good, clean condition. the tenant is entitled to sublet a part of the house. the tenant shall only be entitled to transfer the use of the rented property in whole or in part to another person with the permission of the landlord. the tenant shall immediately furnish the house in a homely manner. the magistrate of the city of dessau shall make the final decision as arbitrator in the event of disputes concerning the share of costs, etc. the magistrate shall be entitled to carry out new and replacement plantings at any time. the magistrate must approve structural alterations. the magistrate shall decide on this alone and without recourse to the courts. if the felling of a tree is necessary, this shall be done by the magistrate at his expense. all written negotiations must be submitted to the magistrate immediately for further disposal. the magistrate shall decide alone and finally on the necessity of maintenance work.


estimate stresemannallee 2-3 earth-, masonry, plastering, screed, tiling, asphalt,
concrete ferroconcrete works…..40 684. 38

carpentry……………………2150. 81

ironwork……………………..1575. 96

roof work………………………914. 28

plumbing……………………1576. 75

joinery…………………………9974. 96

fittings……………………….1351. 00

glazier work…………………..720. 55

painting work……………….4387. 46

linoleum work………………2406. 08

stove work…………………….370. 44

central heating work……..6097. 00

electrical installation……..1600. 35

irrigation, drainage and gas pipe work:…..…………………….4217. 41

(total:………………………78 037. 37)


the rent for a flat in the masters’ houses can be calculated as follows: half of the semi-detached house cost 38 000 rm. Of this, 8000 rm will be for the studio, which is to be made available to each master free of charge. of the 30 000 rm, another 5000 rm will be used for furnishings that are not supplied for normal flats. therefore, 25 000 rm should be used with a 5% interest rate and 5000 rm with an 8% interest rate. this results in a rent of 1650.00 rm. dessau, 17 june 1926, the magistrate (municipal building authority)


i understand that you intend to rent out the masters’ houses after the bauhaus has been dissolved. i might be interested in renting one of the houses and would be grateful if you could give me some more details. i would like to say that i would, of course, require that at least the glass walls of the studio be fitted with a decent, wide window. a few days ago, in a public speech, reichsleiter rosenberg spoke of the deliberately emphasised poverty of the dessau bauhaus style. when looking at the houses, every walker will vividly agree with this judgement.


due to the closure of the berlin bauhaus, which has a particularly blatant effect on my circumstances, i find myself unable to afford the rent for the house at hindenburgallee 65 in its current amount. since i declare my willingness to pay, there is no reason to terminate my flat. i have never belonged to a political party and, like my wife, i come from a good north german family. this situation compels me to ask you to release me from my tenancy agreement, with immediate effect. (mr heinrich scheper was released from his tenancy agreement on 31 july 1933.)


the owners of the masters’ houses complain that they are disturbed in their tenancy rights by the unhindered access. it is said to have happened repeatedly that the public has used the gap to make a way to the ziebigk-grosskühnau district road. as today’s inspection revealed, the fencing has still not been arranged, so that the public can still enter the area of the masters’ houses without hindrance via the property. the provisional closure, which is to be created with little means by barbed wire and some stakes, can probably be removed again later.


as a precautionary measure, i would like to ask whether it is possible to set up stoves and in which rooms. I have neither washed clothes in our house nor watered the garden, so that I cannot explain the high water consumption. I hereby humbly request permission to separate the boundaries of the garden belonging to the house at hindenburgallee 63 from the two neighbouring gardens on the sides by means of a wire mesh fence. I am now awaiting your proposals for the takeover of the aforementioned inventory. please send me two copies of the conditions of the city.


to the city of dessau, 27 may 33 re: rent of the house at hindenburg-allee 69, formerly stresemann-allee 6. dr adolf dethmann, the tenant of the above-mentioned property, has been forced by police measures to leave dessau immediately. the responsible police office will contact you about this. dr dethmann has instructed me to ask you to allow him to terminate the tenancy agreement concerning the above-mentioned flat as of 30 june 1933. i sincerely ask you to accept the above request. sincerely, kottmeier (lawyer)


the municipality of dessau sells to the junkers flugzeug- und motorenwerke aktiengesellschaft in dessau her properties hindenburgallee 61/63, 65/67, 69/71 plus accessories of approx. 8800 sqm in size for a total price of 38,000 rm each, in total 114,000 rm (in words: one hundred and fourteen thousand reichsmarks). payment will be in cash on 1/1/1939. the vendor also undertakes to redesign the exterior of the buildings of the three double properties at her own expense so that they blend in with the surroundings and no longer appear as an eyesore in the townscape of dessau.


a ventilation window with metal flap and three red panes, furthermore a nickel-plated tea wall table and four glass wall consoles, in addition two large book shelves with cupboard and sofa installation and a transportable tiled stove, furthermore a nickel curtain rod on the ceiling approx. 5 m long and two ash bins in the courtyard, furthermore an aerial with cable, furthermore a flower box and a marble double washstand with fittings and a nickel-plated glass holder suitable for wall installation, furthermore an enamelled bathtub and a waterproof fitting, likewise a coal scoop and a glass wall console, furthermore an enamelled square oven and an erso sink with draining board and an acid-proof clay basin with tap and installation, furthermore a pot cupboard and a shaving device, furthermore a kolossus cooker, lacquered, furthermore an askania cooker and fryer, furthermore an electric meter and two bookcases with built-in cupboards as well as a “columbus” stoneware washstand and four glass plates and a china cupboard, furthermore a wooden wash kettle lid and two box lightings, furthermore a madagascar covering, furthermore a gilded wall, window and door frame, furthermore a steel safe, built into the living room, furthermore a dish drainer and a folding wall table with black linoleum, furthermore a coal-fired copper boiler with cast-iron base and a clothes hanger and a meter board, furthermore a built-in steel box as well as an electric washing machine with centrifuge, by “schahi” incl. supply line and a junkers j.a. gas stove, furthermore a silver-plated wall and door frame, furthermore a nickel-plated towel rail suitable for wall installation and a half cylinder with tubular lamp, furthermore a trianon bathtub and a 5-piece heater, furthermore four iron drying bars and a fly screen, furthermore a letter box, furthermore a stoneware washstand in the studio room (the basin has a crack) and four iron doormats, furthermore six roller blinds and a skirting (all around) painted grey, furthermore three folding washstands for pantry, as well as a stoneware washbasin and an electric meter, furthermore a marble distribution panel as well as a glass console and an electric bell, furthermore a glass wall shelf at the toilet table, furthermore seven soap and sponge holders as well as a minimax fire extinguisher/car extinguisher, furthermore a scraper, furthermore a niche installation painted black and fifteen nickel-plated coat hooks, furthermore two metres of wire mesh around all balconies, furthermore a stoneware toilet bowl and four window stops, furthermore four tulle curtains and a cast-iron bathtub inside white enamelled and a kandem lamp no. 470, nickel-plated, furthermore three indestra stoneware washstands, furthermore a sideboard and six tubular lamps without cylinder and an electric washing machine, furthermore a “metropol” fireclay sink, furthermore an electric centrifuge, furthermore five soap-, sponge- and glass wall holders, a bidet, complete with fittings, plus eight soap and sponge holders mounted on the glass panelling, a coconut doormat 75/100 cm and two box lights (veranda and hallway, one each) and a half-cylinder lamp in the stairwell, furthermore a glass console with nickel-plated brackets and a mat covering of the floor, furthermore a covering of the wall-fixed cupboards by a line of plywood panels, painted white, furthermore three scarfs/net curtains and three large curtain rails, furthermore a wooden wire blind in the veranda, furthermore five blinds and a corduroy curtain (bedroom) as well as two grey silk curtains in the small washroom and a half-cylinder in the toilet on the ground floor, furthermore