Time Games

in Artistry and Film between Workshop Wing and Bridge

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"when circus is not itself anymore…" by Darragh McLoughlin
// performative installations

is a series of performative installations that fuses the world of contemporary circus and performance art and will take place as a site-specific installation. The performance format is simple. Not a stage, but a place – not actors, but people practising a reinterpretation of their discipline over a very long period of time without a break. The performance itself is meant to be a re-lighting of the place, the performing arts and the circus itself. It is not a presentation of a trick or a personalised mini-performance, but rather a chance to observe artists* confronting the limits of their own practice. What are the special characteristics of each action, which aspects are indispensable and how is the interplay between the specific infrastructure of the house and the infrastructure of each individual action?
Stereotypically, circus art is breathtaking and circus artists become heroes of the almost impossible. This is not of interest here. What is of interest is the true ability, the difficulty, the trembling, the failure. The extreme temporal extension of this performative installation is intended to raise questions that concern both circus and performance art at their core.
What remains when we remove everything superfluous and only the action itself can be seen?Squarehead Productions is concerned with artistic, performative research at its core. The focus is on exploring creation methods to design meaningful and relevant pieces that are thought-provoking. Probably the most central role of any project is the audience and their experience.
They should not just become spectators, but participants in the work, and should be required to take an active part in the thought process.

Silent films by Man Ray with piano accompaniment by Jürgen Kurz

// Movie and Live-Music

Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray extended their reflections on the surrealist-dadaist art form to the moving image – and created hypnotic, poetic, wild, mystical film documents. The musician Jürgen Kurz on a prepared grand piano adds a further experimental
adds another experimental layer of sound to this live visual experience, which connects everything and turns the evening into a sensory firework.

Anémic Cinéma (1925, directed by Marcel Duchamp)
L’Étoile de mer ("The Starfish" 1928)
Les Mystères du Château de (1925)