Dr Florian Strob

Research Associate

Florian Strob is, since January 2018, the research associate in the directorate of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. As curator, he was responsible for the new exhibition of the Bauhaus Building and the Masters' Houses for the Bauhaus Centenary 2019 and the international conference Collecting Bauhaus. Since 2019, he has also headed and curated the Bauhaus Residency Programme.

He studied German Literature and Modern History in Bonn and Oxford and Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin. In 2013 he received his PhD in literary studies from the University of Oxford. He has published numerous books and articles on modern literature and architecture.

His research interests focus on the interfaces between literature and architecture. Based on this, his current research project deals with the textual Bauhaus heritage. He is head of project at pilot projects “Bauhaus Written Heritage” (2020–2022),  which are funded by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalisation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.