The Art of the Palliative Turn (APT) / Art for the End of Our Way of Living

“Sit on your hand until it goes numb. Contemplate that hand.” (John-Luke Roberts, n.d.)

The members of the Association of the Palliative Turn (APT) include artists from the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, and the Nordic countries, a doctor, an expert on palliative care, a comedian, and representatives of other disciplines and professions. This loose group, which comes together in ever-changing constellations, is united by a shared interest in the palliative. Following APT’s first participation in the Intermezzi in 2023, its work with palliative perspectives on art and society is starting a second round at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Artists from APT are taking positions on a bed that the Bauhaus architect Carl Fieger designed for his wife and himself, in which she cared for him during an extended period of severe illness at the end of his life. Small-format, rarely seen works in which Bauhauslers engage in very individual ways with the themes of death and dying supplement the intermezzo. Contemporary art is thus united with objects from the collection and the practice of palliative medicine.