Culture under pressure
How to deal with extreme right-wing demands on culture?

Tue, 18 December 2018
7 pm
Bauhaus Building

Culture becomes the venue of a social conflict over democratic polyphony. Most cultural institutions have made concrete experiences with threats and protests. To some extent, they have developed strategies for dealing with external interventions, for networking, for avoiding or offensively occupying thematic fields.

The demands from the right on culture have also shifted society's attitude to art. The question is: Is art really allowed to do everything? Should it be a place where sensual designs and life models of a pluralistic society are negotiated, or a place where boundaries are drawn and affiliations set?

How do cultural institutions deal with the new demands on culture? So how can theatres, museums and foundations react to attempts to interfere in their programme sovereignty? How real is the pressure from the right and is it the task of the cultural centres to counter this? What responsibility do cultural institutions have towards society and democracy, and how can they be fulfilled? Should and can cultural institutions keep their programmes open? What networks and possibilities are there for networking cultural institutions?

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Everybody is welcome!

Admission free.