Work presentation
Marit Wolters and Wagehe Raufi

Work presentation with artists

31 August 2017
4 pm
Masters' Houses, Gropius House
Ebertallee 59, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau

For ten weeks the artists Marit Wolters and Wagehe Raufi have worked with different materials in the Masters’ Houses. They turned aerated concrete into a breathing, living organism and revived parts of the historical building substance.

Both artists are the award winners of the SYN Award I sms of the SYN Stiftung Halle and have worked within the framework of the research project "smart materials satellites".

At the end of their residence, Marit Wolters and Wagehe Raufi will present a selection of their work in the Gropius house, ranging from alchemical experiments, digital and analogue network structures and material reflections.