Open workshop
Theatrical fabric

Weaving. Knotting. Connecting.

Four dates:
18.10., 25.10., 1.11., 8.11.
4 – 8 pm
ages 8 –14

How do fabrics sound? Can patterns, surface, colour and structure of the fabric be translated into music? And how can we transfer materials into movement or light? We will try it out together. Starting from a tapestry created in the weaving workshop of the historical Bauhaus, we want to trace the textile material. Our discoveries will result in a performance of movement: "Theatrical fabric".

In four workshops we approach step by step a staging of the material through our bodies in space. In addition, there are introductions to the exhibition Craft becomes Modern. The Bauhaus in the Making in material science, notation, video and audio technology, dance and performance. In a playful way, the design principles of weaving craftsmanship will be experienced and explored through sound, space and physical movement.

The open workshop is an accompanying programme for children and young people to the exhibition Craft becomes Modern and is supervised by the curatorial workshop.

Meeting point: Visitor Centre Bauhaus Dessau
Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau

Free admission, no registration required

18 October 2017:
The material from which the sounds come: From the sound of the material

25 October 2017:
Weaving. The pattern of the fabric becomes movement and light: from the rhythm of the material

1 November 2017:
Knotting. Rhythm and sound become the score: From the form of the material

8 November 2017:
Connecting. A score becomes a performance: From the spatiality of the material