Open Monuments Day 2021

12 Sep 2021
Bauhaus Building + Bauhaus Museum Dessau
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On this year's Open Monuments Day, visitors receive free admission to the historical Bauhaus buildings (Bauhaus Building, Masters' Houses, Konsum Building). In addition, the new publication Archaeology of Modernism will be presented and Hadas Tapouchi's film Letters From Home will be shown and discussed.


B a u h a u s   B u i l d i n g

11.30 am
Archaeology of Modernism
// Book presentation

with Monika Markgraf, Research associate at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, and Ute König (moderation)

B a u h a u s   M u s e u m   D e s s a u

2 pm
Artist Talk
// Talk about the Film
with Hadas Tapouchi, Werner Möller, Kilian Gärtner

2.30 pm
Letters From Home
// Film by Hadas Tapouchi (51 minutes)

The archaeology of modernity
Material is a basis for building. It shapes the construction and structure, spatial effect and aesthetics of Bauhaus architecture. A look behind the gleaming white shell of some buildings reveals materials or finishing elements that today often seem archaic or old-fashioned. This makes the temporal connection and thus the future-oriented significance of the almost 100-year-old architecture clearly perceptible. Historical building research is about examining the buildings in their materiality and thus understanding them precisely. This is the prerequisite for their maintenance and preservation. Materials and components that cannot be preserved on the building are stored in the building research archive of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. This means that they can be re-examined at any time to answer unresolved questions about modernist architecture.

5Documents such as historical photographs, drawings or product information provide supplementary information on the objects.5This makes the archive an important source both for the care and restoration of buildings from the classical modern period and for the classification of these buildings in the architectural history of the 20th century and their evaluation.5The exhibition provides an initial insight into the interplay of materials and architecture of the Dessau Bauhaus buildings as well as into the methods of building research.5An assemblage by the artist Fritz Horstman from the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation also opens up an artistic approach to the architecture and its materials.

Letters From Home Hadas Tapouchi
Hadas Tapouchi’s project involved work carried out in two modernist cities: in the streets of Hadar Ha’Carmel in Haifa, Israel, and in the center of the Polish city of Gdynia. Together with other participants, they tried to discover the meaning of “home”. She asked herself what the concept of home meant for her. The result of her scholarship project is a film featuring scenes from both cities – Gdynia and Haifa. In the film, she focuses on the culturally diverse communities that live together in one house or city and on the history of the modernist neighborhoods of the two cities. The sea is a powerful motif in the film, which forms the framework for the narrative,washing through the Israeli and Polish stories. It is often unclear in the film which country is being presented at a given time.

Haifa was first Palestinian, then a Jewish city. The film aims to show life after the “modernist post dream”: western life among modern architecture. At the same time, the houses in the film are subject to decay, aiding in the understanding that not all dreams can be fulfilled. Based on the modernist buildings in Haifa and Gdynia, the artist finds significant differences between the two cities: residents of Gdynia deal less with identity politics, while in Haifa people from different cultures, with different religious views and customs, intermingle. In her film, the artist also tries to show that the home does not have to be a uniform physical place. Home is a changeable and fluid concept.


Due to the Corona pandemic, strict hygiene rules apply. Upon entering the festival area, visitors must wear a medical mouth-nose protection. The 3G rule applies: Admission can only be granted with proof of a negative Corona rapid test (carried out max. 24 hours before the start of the event; no self-test) or with proof of complete vaccination protection or with certification of Covid 19 recovery.