Rhythm is a dancer

Sa, 2 Sep 2023, 7 pm + 8 pm
// Performance
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Mies-van-der-Rohe Platz 

The point of departure for this performance was the so-called movement choruses and the gymnastic movement of the working classes of the 1920s. The historical sequences of movements are supplemented by contemporary demonstration practices and translated into a shared choreography. The rhythm of work, machines, and bodies come together on the street and as a crowd shape urban space.

golden flag in front of the facade of the bauhaus museum dessau

© Christina Werner/Bildrecht Wien, 2023

Idea and conception: Christina Werner (christinawerner.com)
Dramaturgical advice: Melanie Stittrich
Main performers: Nora Frohmann, Wiebke Kämmer
Participants: Abdalhamid Almohammad, Ahmad Husham Hussein, Ali Shekhnabi, Angelika Banewitsch, Anika Malitz, Aya Alsaeed, Corina Krüger, Fatema Ghatasha, Jana Khreiwech, Janine Malcher, Lana Khreiwech, Manuela Schmidt, Mahmoud Almohammad, Mohammad Moathen, Nicole Hesse, Sandra Kahl, Sina Korooni, Undine Wolf
In cooperation with Bewegungskombinat e.V. Dessau and Multikulturelles Zentrum Dessau e.V.

With the friendly support of

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