// Dance performance
Fr, 1 Sep 2023 (world premiere) +
Sa, 2 Sep 2023
Studio Building, Façade

Arranged as a vertical stage, the Studio Building is transformed into a monumental machine in which people operate like automatons. Physical and mechanical performers explore the space that remains for feelings and emotions in a mechanised world.

In this original production of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the German-Argentinian choreographer interprets the Mechanical Ballet – with music from Ballet Mécanique (1924) by George Antheil and costume designs from Mechanisches Ballett by Kurt Schmidt. She has recourse both to contemporary concepts of movement and the biomechanical principles of Vsevolod Meyerhold. Individual scenes are inspired by Fernand Léger’s film Ballet Mécanique (1924).

Celia Millán | choreography, artistic direction
Chris Busch | stage design, technical coordination
Burghard Duhm (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) | idea, dramaturgy
Susanne Mittmann (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) | head of production
Julia Becher, Miriam Bremer, Alexandra Jähnichen, Lia Kliemannel, Wiebke Kämmer, Anna-Maria Pareis, Sarah Polan, Stephanie Schröder | dance