Triadic Dance Club. Yellow.Pink.Black

// Sound, Performance and Video Installations
Sat, 3 Sept 2022, 8 pm – 1 am
Campus der Hochschule Anhalt Dessau, Gebäude 08

The acoustic centre of the Triadic Dance Club is a sound installation by Californian musician Patricia Taxxon, presented by DJs and inviting people to dance. Her electronic music albums Yellow, Pink and Black from 2019 are an acoustic homage to the Triadic Ballet. In addition, a series of performances, presentations and video installations by students of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau will shape the space and the programme of the evening: with contributions from the basic artistic-experimental design (KEX) / visualisation course led by Katrin Günther and Mathias Jüsche to the programme, as well as from the elective courses led by Torsten Blume, Matthias Lipeck and Mikhail Lylov from the master’s degree programmes Intermedial Design (MAID) and international Master Architecture (DIA). In addition, there will be video installations by students of the Kuwasawa Design School Tokyo (Japan) and the Dokuz Eylul University Izmir (Turkey), which are contemporary explorations of the Triadic Ballet and other artistic figures of Oskar Schlemmer.