Bauhaus Lab – A platform for young professionals

The Bauhaus Lab’s target group are young, creative architects, designers and artists who, when they have completed their studies, wish to develop professional prospects in transdisciplinary and transnational collaborations. They therefore either initiate projects in the field of city, architecture and art or locate themselves in the field of culture and exhibition projects. This applies likewise to young academics from the fields of humanities, cultural science and media studies who wish to work more intensively in transdisciplinary contexts.

The Bauhaus Lab offers this target group an opportunity for cooperative learning, research and intervention. In this way, they can increase their knowledge of design methodology on the one hand and, on the other, gain in-depth knowledge of specific issues in the fields of architecture, design and urbanism. Learning through and in practice as an interactive, material-based process; the systematic examination of the steps of image or form creation; the methodical structuring and management of design-based activity; the integration of diverse disciplines and kinds of knowledge and, last but not least, intervention in the everyday world: these are just a few of the features that are attributed to the production of design-based knowledge at the historic Bauhaus and which are to be updated in the Bauhaus Lab. Up-and-coming practices and work groups are asked to apply with a concept based on the respective theme. The proposed projects should relate to the applicants’ own spatial, urban and cultural context. At the same time, the methods and strategies for the production of design knowledge should be reflected and conceptualised in the project. In this way, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation offers a work platform that qualifies, links up and presents innovative designers and researchers.