Bauhaus Lab 2021:
Vegetation under power – exhibition

10 Dec 2021 – 24 Apr 2022
Bauhaus Building, workshop wing,
second floor

The starting point for the Bauhaus Lab 2021 was the documentation of the effects of “fly ash exposure” in leaves in 1929. A document from the Bitterfeld regional museum shows such leaves from deciduous trees damaged by air pollution. When the Bauhaus Building opened its doors in 1926 – brightly illuminated by electric lighting – contemporaries were fascinated. But nobody thought of the clouds of smoke and defoliated trees that formed the dark side of electrification. Within a few decades, Central Germany emerged as an industrial region that supplied even Berlin with electricity. On the basis of the leaves, the international participants of the Bauhaus Lab 2021 will examine the problematic entanglement of modern Bauhaus comfort and regional power supply networks and resource flows. To what extent can, for instance, Marianne Brandt’s light fixtures – outside of their role as artefacts in design history – be considered as part of an assemblage of damaged leaves, landscapes scarred by lignite mining and deindustrialised towns? The Bauhaus Lab 2021 will create an installation in the Bauhaus Building that seeks to give voice to the repressed, silent foundations of this particular history of modernism and also envisions alternative narratives of Bauhaus modernism that extend into the present.