! Postponed !
Arena extended:
Bauhaus Jazz Exploration.
Jazz, Democracy and Freedom


! The event hast been postponed to 2021 !
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage

This conference takes the 100th anniversary of the Dessau­ born jazz pioneer Günter Boas as an opportunity to listen to and con­sult with jazz musicians, publi­cists, jazz researchers and organisers on the relationship between jazz, democracy and freedom. From the Jazz Age in the 1920s – the time of the Bauhaus band and of Boas’ first encounter with Louis Arm­ strong’s music – to National Socialism, SED­ led socialism and German unity, the confer­ence inquires into the political and social framework and roles of jazz. Lectures, workshops and concerts are offered in co­operation with the Musikschule Dessau, Dessau­ based musi­cians, Jazz­-Werkstatt Berlin­ Brandenburg, Jazz­Archiv Eisenach and Musikhochschule Franz Liszt Weimar.