Arena extended:
Dessau – A Changing City

Film premiere

Sun, 13 Sept 2020, 11 am
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage

>> only for invited guests

The film Dessau – Eine Stadt ändert sich (“Dessau – A Chang­ing City”) documents the pro­cess of creating the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and the asso­ciated changes from the per­spective of residents. In a documentary film workshop led by the Bauhaus Agents pro­gramme, students living in Des­sau­-Roßlau recorded what in­trigued them about their city, which places mattered to them and what role the Bauhaus and the new Bauhaus Museum Des­sau played for them over the course of a three­-year period. The resulting personal footage forms the basis for the docu­mentary. Protagonists who lived or worked in the immediate vi­cinity of the construction site were also accompanied during the filming.

Due to the space restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the film premiere is unfortunately only for invited guests. However, a slightly modified version of the film will be broadcast on MDR in autumn. Further information will follow.