Andreas Schwarting:
From Material to Architecture

Lecture on the International Monuments Day (german)
Sun, 18 Apr 2021, 3.30 pm
online (via Zoom)
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In 1929, the Bauhaus Master László Moholy­Nagy published a transcript of his basic teaching at the Bauhaus under the title of Von Material zu Architektur (From Material to Architecture), which related architectural space to material in a new way. Yet, the material aspect of Neues Bauen has only recently become the focus of research. By conducting construction measure­ments and constructive analyses, the methods of archaeological building research facilitate important insights into design and construction practices at the Bauhaus. On the occasion of Inter­national Monuments Day and the exhibition Archaeology of Modernism, Andreas Schwarting, Professor of Building History and Architectural Theory at the University of Konstanz, takes up this topic in his lecture Von Material zu Bauforschung.

P r o g r a m m e

Von Material zu Bauforschung
// lecture (german)
Andreas Schwarting, Professor of Building History and Architectural Theory, University of Konstanz


Tour of the exhibition Archaeology of Modernism
// video tour
Monika Markgraf, curator, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Fritz Horstman, curator, The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation


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